Companies That will Pay you for Taking Online Surveys

Well, I am sure you are now well aware of earning some extra slice of money by filling online survey forms, but which ones to go for is the now nest big question. Cause not all the websites and companies are actually authenticated and although it is just about your opinion, you should be well aware about the policy’s of the company, what if your private information is not secured and you will be at the risk of losing your valuable private information like email id and your contact details too in some of the cases.

So one should go and join the survey websites only if they are sure of, if you with this confusion and searching for the right answer then I guess your search is over and you need not search more, so here is the list of good and authenticated survey companies who pay you for filling in online surveys.


  1. My survey – This survey website is one of the best survey websites and it even pays good, the allot you with points and then once you cross the threshold of these points you can redeem the amount without any trouble, many people have experienced this website and all positive reviews, people earn like 10 to 20 dollars in a week by just filling surveys, they even get freebies and gift vouchers at times.


Heard about toluna? Well many do not know but even toluna is one among the leading websites of online paid surveys. Toluna pays you in points and only after you cross a certain limit of points you can redeem your amount, now at times the company even sends you freebies to test and then ask you to review them, so basically the website is excellent choice if once has to go for online paid surveys.

  1. Opinion Outpost – Another  best website for online paid surveys is Opnion outpost, they too give rewards in points but the benefit of this website is that you can is for instant opportunities and you win a lot of  free testing products too! So this website gives you opportunities to make money as well to earn some extra freebies. They also give you some gift cards which would worth a 5 or a 10 dollar and you can buy anything from that from Amazon website, so it is basically  a Amazon gift card.

National consumer panel

For this website you have to get accepted as a panel member and you should have a small held scanner and then all you have to do is scan your all bar codes and then send them via email to the Nielsen and then you will be getting some reward points in return which you can redeem as and when you will buy from Nielsen gift catalog. So you basically get it as a gift voucher, but you still buy what you want from the catalog offered by them.

  • Inbox Dollars – Inbox dollars is not limited to online paid surveys but they have multiple ways to earn money, inbox dollars even pay you for reading emails, to surf the webs and know some different topics and then to fill online paid surveys. They mostly offer you in gift instead of money, but the gift cards are worth the try! All you need to buy from your cash is definitely available over there.


  1. Survey pods – An awesome website to go for if you want to earn some decent money from online paid survey website, this website works with only the top companies and conduct surveys on behalf of the giants in the market, but they are strict too! So a person has to be careful enough as this website has a strike system where in if a person gives 3 times wrong or un true answers then they will automatically detect and ban you from filling the survey. The user has to necessarily complete his profile on the website and he/she can redeem this amount only if he has a pay pal account, it is a must if he wants to redeem his amount which he earned  filling online paid surveys.

You Gov – well one of the most unique and new concept in the online paid survey websites is this, you gov not only offers you to give in your opinions but they even discuss it, they even discuss social and political as well as economic topics, but the threshold of this website is higher you can only redeem your amount if you have crossed about 50 euros and they only pay you from 0.10 euros to 3 euros for one discussion.

SWagbucks – one of the most common and well known survey website is swagbucks, but even offer you with some multiple opportunities to earn money doing different tasks like seeing videos and downloading applications extra, so they also offer you cash or gift cards depending on the type of the survey and their survey takes about 10 minutes to be filled and you can only redeem the amount if you have a pay pal account, they do not transfer your money in any other account.

So these were the companies who pay you for filling online paid surveys and the best thing about this whole thing is you get paid for your opinion, you can definitely go for these websites and earn money, don’t fall prey to all the other websites who offer you membership to online paid survey websites as they free to register already, membership sites are nothing but scam and to trap you, they do not really offer you 50 dollars by just filling surveys so these websites are basically misguiding the users and giving false hopes, the above mentioned websites are safe and even free and these are one of the best authenticated websites, I hope the information turns out to be productive for you and you earn a lot of money.

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