How I am Earning 80 Dollar gift card Every Month

Everyone love gift cards don’t they? But why wait for someone else to gift it to you, when you can earn it?  Shocking how can you earn your own gift card, aren’t the gift card suppose to be your gift?

What if I tell you ways to earn your own gift cards? Well I have been gifting myself an 80 dollar gift card lately  want to know how? And want to join me?

Well there are multiple ways to earn your this gift card for yourself all you have to do is go for multiple tasks online. Let me tell you exactly which websites to go for and what kind of tasks, do not worry they will be from your comfort zone of time and place, so now this becomes even more intriguing isn’t it?


Okay here is the list of the websites and applications you can for to earn your own 80 dollar website.

  1. Viggle – Ever heard about this website? If not then I guess you must go for it, this website is not only easy to use but also to handle and one of the most rewarding website if you want to earn a gift card. For this all you need to do is download the viggle application on your phone and then start checking your favorite shows on it.

You can now watch your videos everyday which you would be doing on any other application and at the end of the month you will not only get full too entertainment but also a gift card of 40 to 50 dollars. So if you have more smartphones you can earn even more by just watching some interesting videos or your drama series on the application.

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  1. Swagbucks – one of the most known application is swagbucks, but people know It more for online paid survey but there are multiple things that this application can do, you can earn your gift card even by doing activities other than filling online paid surveys. You can get into online shopping, surfing the web etc.

One should always go for using swagbucks search engine to increase your points and get more valued gift cards by the swagbucks.

Spending least possible time you can get at least 5 dollar gift voucher of either Amazon or Wal – mart card and if you watch videos and do other tasks by them so you can earn even more points, also by referring it to your points you can earn some quick good points and so you can get huge amounts gift cards.

  1. Shopkick – if you are a shopping junkie then why not do it from those places where you get to earn even more? Shopkick is one of the best place you can do it if you are regular wal- mart or Amazon customer, you can do it in a better way if you shop via this application. All you have to do is download this application from the play store and then you get to start earning your points.

You have to just walk into the stores and open your application and then start shopping and you can earn some points just being in the store. They will provide you with a list of products and then you can scan the code accordingly and then earn your points. Every product has a different ranking of points, also if you link your debit card to the application then you can earn points for every dollar you have spent in shopping in the store, so wow you are basically optimizing the usage of your shopping. When you cross a threshold of about 500 points on your application you in return get a dollar gift card and you can continue doing it when you go for shopping the next time, so basically being the shopping area and turning on your application you keep getting points. This application is smoother then you even expected.

  1. Jingit – To earn maximum, one should always go for this application, it is awesome because they actually pay you great and then  you can earn a lot of gift cards and go for shopping, this website even has an application on your smartphone, so you can access it to both the devices, you can do this even in your free time.

You can earn points if you watch ads on the application or scan code of wal mart products  if you are buying those items, so you get to buy the products and then get points for those and re buy things from those, so it becomes like a cycle of shopping, imagine you need not spend good amount of money as you get good decent discount.

These above mentioned applications and websites  because you get to earn points and to do things without investing any such as such, you even get to earn points by roaming in wal marts and then spending extra time in shopping malls.

So honestly now you need not wait for a longer time if you want to earn your gift card on your earn, shopping is great if you know how to earn properly, getting gift cards is just great.

All the shopping junkies out there you all should definitely go for this and then earn your own gift cards, everyone is nowadays into smart money and earning, why wait for someone’s gift card or spend your real money while shopping?

What if you can do it just by performing some simple tasks one should surely give a thought for this and earn fortune every time.

I hope the above mentioned article  and information and turns out to be informative for you and you earn all your gift cards in some simple ways  just like us and there are some other ways too to earn this gift card, that is by going in for online paid survey  and still earn gift cards, but these ones are the easy ways of earning gift cards.

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