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Surveys are the easiest and quick way of earning money in short time, the best thing about them is that you do it in your free time and comfort zone, surveys make your all time valuable.

But there is list of good and authenticated website that one should go for, one of them is Opinion outpost. How do you exactly fill in surveys and earn money, how do you redeem and how this whole thing works.


So this article is a guide of how the whole survey thing works and how can you earns some decent amount via this website.

The very first thing you do is that you have to sign in to the opinion outpost and then you will get the list of surveys that you can apply for.

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The Opinion outpost pays you in points and then you can redeem those points into either gift vouchers or cash whatever they are giving, every survey has a different reward and the threshold of the website is also different, the cherry on the cake policy of the website that they even give some freebies for testing, so this gives you an opportunity to try various new products for free.

Opinion outpost review

And you can even choose to get started and go for 5 dollar Amazon gift voucher or even go for a 10 dollar voucher card from Amazon these are the maximum amount gifts you can get.

Opinion outpost is one of the best survey website that you will come across, as they not only pay good but the gift vouchers are also worth it.


How to make more money from filling in surveys from the opinion outpost? Well I will explain that to you in depth but before that let me tell you how it works.

Opinion outpost though is a good opportunity but it is limited only for few people, people other then United states, United Kingdom and Canada cannot apply for filling in surveys of this websites, so others are deprived of this opportunity to earn money.

And even if you are under age like below the age of 13 then too you cannot sign in for this website.

Opinion Outpost Canada

Now if you do not fall in the above mentioned category then the signing up is easy for you, all you have to do is fill in your personal details like age, gender and email address, after they verify your email address they will direct you to all the surveys.


Moving on to the best part, the Payout, when it comes to payment the company is doing excellent as they not only pay on time but their threshold is also low, only when you complete like 100 points of survey they transfer the amount into your account, so you get basically 10 dollar for like 100 points and sometimes you end up getting 10 dollar Amazon voucher.

Now everyone wants to go for surveys only when they are free and chances of them having a laptop at that time is comparatively lower than having a smartphone, so does this website even have a mobile application? Well to this my answer is no! But the website is designed in such a way that it fits in to all the mobiles and functions smoothly. So you can still fill in surveys when you are free and earn your money.

Okay so now let me tell you how to earn money from this websites, you have two options to fill in a survey and they are either you sign up to their membership or go for free surveys that they email to you every day, Opinion outpost emails you about 2 surveys every day and I suggest you to focus on that as they might have higher points so you can earn at least 10 dollars without any investment.

How Much Money Can You Make On Opinion Outpost

Signing in for membership no doubt will be good but you never know what kind of survey you will be getting and what is the points of it and then at times they do not even show you the corresponding points of the survey of those of the membership surveys, so chances are you are spending on some very low valued points. But the emailed surveys always show corresponding points.

Opinion outpost points hack

Let me tell you one easy tip to keep an account of your surveys.

The main point is if you want to do it often, so if you want to get into a lot of surveys every day then I suggest you to have a separate email id for this so that you do not mess up the survey emails with your other important emails.

Having a separate email id not only gives you a clarity about how many surveys you did but also doesn’t confuses with your other important email and you do not let other websites invade in your private professional life.

This is all about Opinion outpost and how can you fill in surveys and how much will you earn filling these surveys, there are some people who earn about 30 to 40 dollars a week just by filling in surveys, so you have almost all of your free time to be valued.

Survey Spot

Online paid surveys make your time valuable and opinion outpost is one of the best when it comes to this. They give you the comfort of filling in surveys at any time, they even email you the surveys to be filled and the chances that you are not eligible for the websites, but Opinion outpost the chances are very less, almost 80 per cent of the time you are verified by the website and so you get maximum opportunities to work for it and earn maximum  money in one go, so online outpost is one of the most preferable and suggested website to go for if you want to earn money from filling in online paid surveys.

I hope the above mentioned article was informative and you know everything about Opinion outpost now.

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