How to Stay at Home and Earn Money

Everyone is now searching some means of earning money and if it is at their comfort zone then it is the best!  But what if it is not? And you cannot step out of your house, Cause of some family responsibilities or because of some problems, you have to stay home? 

Well there are means where you can stay home and still be productive, earning money does not mean that one has to necessarily  go out of their house and earn money by doing some kind of job or business in stores, well nowadays the point of focus for all the business is shift from being physical to online.


Technology has even made doing online jobs possible, so you can work from your home and still earn money and at times you do not even need to invest money. Want to know how? Well then this article will guide you how do you do this.

Staying home and earning money involves a lot of things but one has to necessarily be sincere and dedicated, at times we tend to be linnet with us cause we are not under our boss’s observation but we must not forget that It still involves responsibilities.

Online paid surveys

If you are aware of this method of earning money then good or else let me properly introduce you with this method, online paid survey are those websites which allow you to fill in your opinion and they pay you for that, these websites are basically working as a consultant agent for the companies and get their R and D done by asking you to fill the surveys, but they pay you comparatively less, if you are planning to earn money from this source for your living then I doubt it will happen , but what you can do is sign up for multiple good online paid survey websites and then you may be able to earn about 500 to 1000 dollars a month.

Here is the list of these website who pay you good.

  1. Swagbucks.
  2. Inbox dollars.
  3. Toluna.
  4. Fiverr.
  5. Panel place.
  6. Vivatic
  7. Survey pods.

So one can sign up for these websites and earn money, but he needs to have a pay pal account to redeem their amount and some of the sites even give vouchers and gift cards or even free bies at times, so it is a win-win situation as you get paid for your opinions.


  1. Free lance writing – Free lance writing is something that not only add on to your wallet but also to your knowledge, free lance writing can be done from your comfort zone of your house and there are many websites that pays awesome for writing, so you can sing up and be a member for these websites and earn good money cause they even pay you bomb! If the article is good and of standard quality.

Here is the best list of freelancing websites.

  1. International living
  2. Listverse.
  3. A list apart.
  4. Iwriter.
  5. Fund for writers.

These sites pay you from 200 dollars to about 15 dollars depending on the quality and the pattern of the article and requirements of the standard, but to redeem your balance you need to have a pay pal account.

  1. Work from home – you must be aware of many companies who offer you work from home , we even come across many pamphlets which say work from home and earn 15 to 20 thousand, but we do not really understand what work is it? How do we go about it and all, so these websites are basically offering you some data entry or back office work and will pay you according to the task allotted or on the basis on working hours. It is all safe and not a scam or a trap so you need not worry, but still we provide you with some authenticated and best list of websites which provide this work from home work and pay you good.
  1. Crowd source.
  2. Demand studious.
  3. Fast chart.
  4. Leap force.
  5. Liveops.
  6. Speak write.

So all these websites are trusted and provide you with varied income and browse them through all and select your one.

  • Selling – wait what selling? No no this does not mean you have to be another flipkart or Amazon, selling your stuff means the one which you do not want to use and may be it will productive for someone else, just like  selling things on Olx  now you can even be a seller for Amazon and quicker and sell all your unwanted or some things on these websites and earn a bomb, nowadays there has been a new trend people even end up selling their things on social media network websites like Facebook and instagram and whatsapp messages and they advertise their stuff for free!
  • Blogging – Nowadays blogging is become a trend, everyone wants to let out their useful information to others. Just like us, it even shells out to give a good and decent amount of income if you want to earn properly.  Blogging can be done at home and the investment is just the nominal amount for your website, you can design it as per as your wish and comfort.

Following are the ways to earn money via Blogging

  1. Advertisement
  2. Affiliate marketing.
  3. Membership /subscription.

So here are the ways of you can earn money from your house, all you need to do is invest your time and energy and just wait for the fruits to ripe. I hope the above mentioned pointers be useful for you and you match your area of interest and you even fill like earning money from this.

You need not worry now, cause staying home and spending some few hours can also give you good amount of money, if you just invest your time in some correct things and follow it regularly.

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