– Earning money or cash Rewards for Taking Surveys.

Everyone now is well aware of filling in online paid surveys and even well aware about the options they have and one of them is this website my, everyone wants to know if the website is real good or just another.

Well let me tell you about it than, how does it work exactly work and how can you earn maximum, what is the threshold of the website so that you can redeem your amount. These all questions will be answered here in this article.


Best Paid Online Surveys

So the first step is to sign up for the website, the website is not restricted to any citizen of any country as such, so it is free for everyone who wishes to sign in and get started with their awesome surveys they have to provide you.

After you sign up for their survey the next big thing is that they ask you to fill in a very simple survey that you can go for and they give you 25 points for it immediately, since they have a lot of surveys in their basket you can earn about 10 points every now and then, the best thing about this website is they allot you points even if you are just a qualifier and did not complete your survey, so some points are always given to you. So this way you never miss on the opportunity in Paid Survey making some money and you are always appreciated for you’re all the efforts by this website.


My Survey Review

Once you complete the threshold of about 1000 points then you can redeem your cash award of about 10 dollars, so you need a pay pal account for this so that you are able to complete the transaction and can get your earned amount into your bank account directly.

The website also gives some other rewards at times which are vouchers and gift cards of the same amount, so you get to shop from your money.

Moving on to the key points of the which are here as follows

Surveys For Money Legit

  • The website is available for a larger number of audience North American, European and even the oceania region so it basically covers almost everything.
  • The member of the website is even offered with some extra sweepstakes option which one can get simply by logging in the website.
  • The average pay out given by the website for each survey is from about 0.25 dollars to 1.25 dollars so that is reasonably good as the threshold is only 10 dollars so you get to redeem your balance as soon as possible, depending on the speed of yours in filling survey.


  • The survey website provides a direct cash feature so that you can get to redeem your balance , sometimes but rare they even offer you Amazon gift cards so you get to shop your 10 dollar gift card without any trouble.
  • The processing time of the reward is little longer, which is about 4 to 8 weeks if in case you are into the gift voucher, so the delivery takes time.
  • The time consumption of the survey is very short , filling surveys on this website is not time consuming and you basically get 10 points for this which is reasonably good, spending 5 minutes and getting money for it is never bad.
  • The website also conducts some contest which is only for the members of the website and they also provide their members with few products testing so you get some freebies without doing anything, isn’t it great? Free samples are the best!
  • To get registered to the website all you have to do is fill in your details like name, sex and your email address, it takes about 5 to 10 minutes for them to verify it and to make you a member of their website and then you are good to go.
  • The website has an age limit of about 14 years old; people younger than this age limit cannot fill in surveys, as the surveys offered by this portal are for the adult users or at least above the 14 years.
  • This website is in business ever since 2001 and has been working from then and is doing good and has gauged a lot of confidence among people.

Free Paid Surveys

The survey doesn’t notify you via email if you want to take in regular surveys then you have to make a point and fill in the survey by checking the website regularly.

The most common drawback of the website is that the time provided by them to complete the survey is short cause of the short surveys so there are chances that you may be running out of time while completing a survey.

There are less chances that you will qualify for the survey as the companies over here are little strict when it comes to their target audience so the no of surveys you earn for highly depends on how many you get to qualify for.

Although there are some flaws that the survey website has, but the pros offered by them are comparatively higher so you should definitely go for the website as it is flexible, reliable and even more trust worthy as it is in the industry ever since 2001. is one of the most used survey websites and ranks good in the list of best survey website, so just in case if you are doubtful of  filling in a survey then I guarantee you to go for this website as they are doing reasonably good and will surely benefit you.

Paid Surveys At Home being an old player treats their members very nicely and this is the most important part of filling in a survey from their website, they value all the opinion holders too!

I hope all your questions regarding this website have been answered and you earn a lot of money now filling in your surveys from this website.

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